SMTP delivery to port 587 (submission) with a Windows Mobile Device

I recently got a new phone which runs Windows Mobile. Since this also has a fairly good IMAP Client and using webmail sucks a bit on these small devices, I wanted to use it.

IMAP setup was really simple and it worked out of the box. Next step was to get mail out again. At work I can’t use my IMAP server as SMTP server, since all SMTP traffic from the outside get’s routed through common mail servers to check for viruses and do SPAM checks. Those don’t know me. So I can’t use them as relay servers.

We came up with the idea of allowing port 587 (SMTP submission) for all IMAP servers. Setup if my server to accept authenticeted SMTP wasn’t a problem (Exim rules!).

The phone was much more a PITA. Just editing the SMTP settings did change the SMTP server but not the Port it uses.

Finally I found a post, where it states that you need to remove the whole profile and create a new one with the SMTP port added. Then it works. And it did.

So now I can send my mails from whichever net I am currently on directly to my mailserver using a encrypted SMTP session.

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