MySQL: Converting from latin-1 to utf-8

This week I had to switch a MySQL DB from a latin-1 host to a UTF-8 host (Webserver with Forum/CMS). I have never managed to make this work with only setting the codepages right.

I have put together a perl script that takes the databases and their tables from the one host, encodes it to UTF-8 and inserts the data in the new host.

I hope someone finds this useful: sqlcopyconv.txt

PS: You need to have all the Tables in the new DB created already. But without data.

XEN: Fixing “kernel: 4gb seg fixup, process xxx”

I got back to playing with Xen again now.

I set up a new box and installed xen via

apt-get install xen-linux-system-2.6.18-6-xen-686.

In the syslog I had heaps of errors like:
Feb 1 11:29:09 test33-10 kernel: 4gb seg fixup, process sshd (pid 2583), cs:ip 73:b7bd59bc
Feb 1 11:29:16 test33-10 kernel: printk: 261591 messages suppressed.

I found out that this was because of libc6-xen was missing. So installing this one, solved the problem for me.